AB Global Equities Fund


The AB Global Equities Fund aims to achieve returns in excess of those of the MSCI All Country World Index in Australian dollars, after fees, over the medium to long term.

Investment Strategy

  • The AB Global Equities Fund is designed for equity investors with high risk tolerances who want the potential to achieve long-term capital growth and some income by investing in global equity securities.
  • The Fund aims to achieve its investment objective by investing in equities anywhere in the world, including developed, emerging and frontier markets. The Fund will principally be composed of equity securities of companies considered by the investment manager to offer good prospects for attractive returns relative to general equities markets. Generally, the Fund aims to ensure that security selection is the key driver of the Fund’s return and seeks to limit any bias towards any individual country, sector, investment style, macroeconomic influences or company size. From time to time, security selection may lead to country or sector over/underweights relative to the benchmark. The Fund may also hold up to 30% of the Fund’s net asset value in securities that are not included in the benchmark.
  • The Fund does not always hedge the foreign currency exposures of its equity securities to Australian dollars, and the investment manager has the discretion to determine the extent to which any foreign currency exposure is increased, reduced or removed. For example, the Fund may hedge all or part of its currency exposure to Australian dollars or provide currency exposures greater than that provided by the underlying equity exposure.
  • The Fund may also invest in listed trusts, including REITs (real estate investment trusts), ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and securities we reasonably expect to be listed within six months, including initial public offerings. The Fund may also use derivatives including, but not limited to, options, futures, currency forwards, swaps and local-access products, which include equity-linked certificates, participation notes and warrants.
  • Derivatives may be used to manage risk, invest cash, and gain or reduce exposures. Derivatives will not be used for leverage or gearing purposes.

Management Team

Klaus Ingemann, CFA
David Dalgas, CFA
Rasmus Lee Hansen, CFA
Portfolio Details
Domicile: Australia
Base Currency: Australian Dollars
Subscription / Redemption: Daily