AB Dynamic Global Fixed Income Fund


The AB Dynamic Global Fixed Income Fund aims to achieve returns that exceed the those of Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index, after fees, over five-year periods.

Investment Strategy

  • The Fund is designed for investors with higher risk tolerances who want to achieve income returns exceeding those of Australian bank bill rates over the long term by investing in global debt or fixed-income securities.
  • The Fund implements a global, multi-sector strategy, investing in a broad range of debt securities. The Fund may hold corporate bonds, government bonds, asset-backed securities, mortgage-backed securities, closed-ended mutual funds (up to 5% of the Fund's assets) and bank loans located anywhere in the world, including developed and emerging countries. Up to 40% of the Fund’s assets may be high risk and rated below investment grade.
  • The Fund seeks to control risks and enhance returns through currency management. The Fund intends to hedge to Australian dollars most of the foreign currency exposures of its debt and fixed-income securities. However, up to 10% of the Fund's net asset value may be exposed to the risks and returns of international currencies.
  • Derivatives may be used to manage risk exposures, invest cash, and gain or reduce investment exposures. Derivatives will not be used for leveraging or gearing purposes.

Management Team

John Taylor
Scott DiMaggio, CFA
Portfolio Details
Domicile: Australia
Base Currency: Australian Dollars
Subscription / Redemption: Daily